Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan has come, the month of sacrifice, devotion, and spirituality.

We want to take this month to pray for all people in the world who are oppressed and who are being persecuted, whatever their faith or their colour.

On behalf of the U. CO.I.I. - Union of Islamic Communities in Italy - I wish all of you, your families and your dears ones, a Ramadan “Mubarak” full of His grace and love.

Izzeddin Elzir
President of U.CO.I.I.

UCOII Chi Siamo

Who We Are

The UCOII was founded in Ancona January 1990 with the intent to provide the community and the Muslims a range of services: Uniqueness of representation in the front of state institutions ...

UCOII Dialogo Interreligioso

Interreligious Dialogue

Our mission encourages us to know the others and to work with them for the good of humanity.

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During these 24 years, we have worked with many agencies and organizations. Together we were able to write pieces of history; here we'd like to remember some of them ...